vendredi 20 mars 2015

 Dungeon Lords and Dungeon Petz are my favourite work so far
Working for Vlaada Chvatil is a bliss and he asked me to design hundreds of creatures, monsters, and other strange petz for even stranger masters
Below you can watch a small part of all the things we've invented to illustrate his awesome, tricky and intricate games

Czek Games Editions, Czekia


another Czek Games Edition game
i've made the cover, and mainboard illustration

Tash Kalar

another game of Vlaada Chvatil
Czek Game editions, Czekia
I've made one cover and over 80 cards

War of Trolls

another hunting game

Sweet Games editions, France

Waka Tanka

a Bruno Faidutti's game

Cover and title

Sweet Games editions, France

Tschakka Lakka

Cover, title and board

first draft

Kosmos edtions, Deutschland

Goblins inc.


Main Board
 Time controller

Player controller

first draft

Czeck Games Edition (Czekia)